Introducing Microsoft Surface Studio the most Powerful workstation

Everyone knows what iMac is, that is premium Apple all in one desktop computer but is it the only all in one desktop computer in the world? Well of course it is not. Many companies have tried to beat the iMac in point of selling and popularity but have they succeeded? Hardly. That is exactly why Microsoft is trying to do the same thing now in 2016.

A lot of people think that Microsoft has finally reached the point where it can compete with the iMac. The brand new all in one desktop computer is called Microsoft Surface studio and it is super cool. Some may think it is overpriced because it costs 3000 dollars.

Microsoft Surface Studio

So every model has a 28 inch screen which is nice compared to 27 inch iMac and 21.5 inch iMac. The perfect angle of viewing is something that is so common these days in high end devices and screens so we do not need to mention that. Every model of Surface Studio has a fantastic graphic hardware and no matter which one you guys choose you will be absolutely stunned with the performance. So the best thing about the Surface Studio from Microsoft is the touchscreen. Yes that is the only major thing that separates him from the competition. It has a stylus that is made especially for the screen of this mighty personal computer, so this is made for designers but also for all who want a brand new technology in their homes.

There are also a few bad things about the brand new expensive gadget from Microsoft. It does not include the flashy Dial accessory by default. It is way too expensive, you can buy an iMac for around 2000 dollars and this one is roughly 3000 dollars. It does not have newer graphics chips that support VR hardware. Although there are not many people that actually care about VR hardware, it is nice to have it all in one package when spending 3000 dollars for a all in one computer device. A couple of USB ports mounted in the front or a Thunderbolt connection would have been nice to have when spending so much money.

If you really need a Microsoft Windows operating system, and a touch screen that supports pen stylus that you can draw on, the Microsoft Surface Studio is the right choice for you guys, if not, then just buy something else that is not so high tech but also has good specs.

Probably the best thing about the Microsoft Surface Studio is that you can bend the screen and put it down like something to draw on, like a canvas or a paper. That is pretty cool you must admit, but is it worth the 3000 US dollars of your money? That is upon you to decide guys, we hope you liked reading this article and we hope to see you here more often reading about the latest news from the world of technology.

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