iCloud Unlock Tool on all iPhones for Free

In order to prevent iCloud Unlock Tool and thefts, Apple introduced new feature known as Activation lock to the feature Find my phone. Since this feature was introduced, many users complain about having restricted access to their phones due to the fact they are not able to provide the proper ID and password for their iCloud. This may be caused for many reasons, the main of which is that they have bought their iPhone second hand or they have purchased it form the Internet.

If you ask for help from the official Apple’s stores they will charge you a large amount of money for their service. And many users cannot afford that. That’s why they are looking for the solution on the Internet.

If you are one of those users who have faced the problem of having iCloud lock on your iPhone, than you have the solution for you right before you. It is an online software tool known under the name iCloud Unlock tool. This tool can be downloaded from the links available on our official website and what will interest you the most is that it is completely free.

iCloud Unlock Tool

How to use the iCloud Unlock tool?

First of all you should know that this tool is secure and safe for using and you should not be afraid to use it because it won’t damage your device and it doesn’t contain any viruses. The process of using it is very simple and you can use it and Unlock the lock on your phone by yourself. The instructions are provided for you along with the tool.
You should just download the iCLoud Activation Lock tool from the provided links and install it on your computer. After that just click the start button and the process will be finished automatically. Everything that you’ll be required to provide is the IMEI code of your device and a valid e-mail address. When the process of Unlocking the lock is finished, you will be informed by a message on your e-mail. Then all you need to do is to Restore and Update your phone and set the new ID and password. You should admit that it never been easier to unlock locked iPhone.

Models of Apple devices supported by this tool

This tool works not only for all models of iPhones, but also for all Apple devices, including iPod and iPad touch. Also all IOS versions up to IOS 8.r version are supported. Download the icloud Activation lock tool and Unlock the lock on your iPhone from your home and for free.

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