How to Change the IMEI Number on your Cell Phone

Currently it is being speculated that it is possible to IMEI Changer almost any mobile phone by simply changing its official 15 digit IMEI number. Apparently these rumors were confirmed and it has been proven that by changing this code the mobile phone will no longer be locked to any network carrier.

However, in order to get to that point and change the code it is required that you use special application. Previously many users have attempted to unlock their mobile phones by asking their official carrier’s department to do that. Unfortunately, this was a wrong move, because the carriers do not offer this service or in case they do, it costs a lot of money.

How to change the IMEI code?

Have you ever wondered why you are restricted and forced to use the network services of only one carrier? Well the answer to this is simple; it is because the operator uses your device’s IMEI Changer code to make sure that it will not work on different network frequencies. In this way, if you have a signed contract with your particular operator, you will be obliged to comply with it till it expires.

IMEI Changer

It is possible to remove the lock

But worry not, because you can remove the lock on your cell phone in several ways. Just remember that some of the methods used are really complex and may not be suited for everyone, because in some cases it is even required that you hack into the database of the mobile operator and remove the lock from there. That is really risky and difficult task, so unless you know what you are doing it is recommended that you do not take that risk.

But of course, not every method is difficult.
The new application known as APK IMEI Changer is a sophisticated software tool which can be used to alter the IMEI code of any mobile phone.

Genuine APK IMEI changer app

All the required changes can be made and you can modify the IMEI code of your cell phone by using the latest version of our sophisticated APK IMEI changer tool. This service utilizes the general info of your mobile phone and makes complex calculations based on the collected data and it completely changes the old code and provides new. The new code will work just the same as the old one and you will have no problems at all. In this way with the new code, you will no longer be restricted by your network carrier and it will be possible to use your mobile phone on different networks with different SIM cards.

Just check our online video guide and read our step by step instructions on how to use the IMEI APK Changer tool.
It is really easy and you will get to change the code in only one day.

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